Living the healthy life beyond a balanced diet.

Living the healthy life beyond a balanced diet.

We are always looking for happiness, for a life full of joy, but in order to get this, our daily routine has to be aligned with the objective.

Unfortunately, many situations in life, our responsibilities (academic or labor related), take time away and cause stress, which vanishes our intentions for having a peaceful life.

Even worse, we believe that by following a balanced diet, we are achieving a "fit" lifestyle. But we all know that living healthfully encompasses so much more. It is not about abandoning our obligations, or quitting our job, it is just about including some extra habits in our daily life.

As our mission and motivation is helping you live the healthy life, today our NAOX team wants to share 6 habits for you to make changes in your lifestyle right away:

#1 Walk 30 minutes a day

#2 Control stress

#3 Have quality sleep, and the right amount

#4 Exercise your mind

#5 Replace toxic habits

#6 Have more social activities

It's time to #LiveTheHealthyLife

1. Walk 30 minutes a day.

The first habit we present is activating your body by walking 30 minutes a day.

This habit allows you to burn some calories, control  blood pressure, and remove stress, while giving you a sense of relaxation and personal satisfaction.

Improvements for your life that grow as you keep repeating the exercise.

The benefits for your life do not stop there.  When you walk 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, you help strengthen your heart, preventing heart diseases and reinforcing the growth of red and white blood cells, which form a defense system that helps you prevent infections in our organism.

Walking 30 minutes a day releases stress, prevents diseases, and gives you a sense of

From this simple activity, the human body gets nurtured. It is easy to incorporate it to the daily life, and it is the most recommended.

2. Control Stress.

It is time to understand what is stress and how does it affect our health.  Stress is the way our body reacts to certain situations that generate high physical and mental demand.

When a situation makes us feel frustration, or makes our nerves block our actions, we are facing a stressful situation. Stress affects our health, as it sets off high blood pressure, headache, heart failure, and depression, among other things.


As daily situations can cause stress, it is important to learn how to deal with it so it doesn't affect our health.

Stress can be present at any moment, as our responsibilities can make us feel distressed or worried.

It is important to include in our habits methods to control stress, not allowing it to take over our health.

You don't know where to start? Here are 5 verified tips, recommended by experts, to manage stress:

1. Exercise, this will help you relieve accumulated tension. (Start with habit #1).
2. Rest all you need, that way your body can recover from the daily activities.
3. Eat healthy to have balance and well-being in your body.
4. Meditate, it is useful for having guided thoughts, and not wasting energy and thought in non productive things.
5. Have fun! Having space for recreation will help you free the mind and leave stress aside.

3. Have quality sleep, and the right amount.

Everyday there are more reasons to postpone and reduce the hours we sleep.

When we take that decision and sleep less than 7 hours, our brain suffers significantly. By not sleeping enough, you will spend your day having mental slowness, which translates in more mistakes in your day to day tasks.

Not sleeping enough provoques physical ailments that go from cardiovascular disease to severe obesity.

Our defenses lower, and we are prone to getting any virus or flu.

Sleeping is a need, as basic as eating, treat it like so!

You should establish a schedule with 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep. That way you will give your body enough time to replenish energy and components that will help you to be ready to meet your goals.

Once you manage to consolidate these amount of sleeping hours, you will feel rested and full of energy and you will learn new things easily. Reflecting and making memories will be easier, and your body will thank you.

Naox recommends you making your sleep your number 1 priority, and thus #LiveTheHealthyLife

4. Exercise your mind.

When we think about training, the first thing that comes to our mind is the idea of a gym. Run on a treadmill, make 50 bars, 100 crunches, and lift weights. 

Under the principle that the human body and the cognitive capacities are malleable, it is important to exercise the mind to improve thinking processes.

However, there is another type of training that none of us should miss.

It is mental training.

As well as your body, your mind also needs exercise to get the strength necessary to face the everyday challenges. You will help your brain not to overwhelm with stress and thus develop more abilities. 

Mental training consists in perfecting cognitive capacities.

The routines in this training are very simple, like reading after work, exercising, enjoying mental games, or breathing deep to activate your mind.

The difficulty in this training depends on how much you want to demand from your mind, just like in physical training. Exercising the memory, getting out of the comfort zone with intellectual challenges, living in complex and unknown environments, learning languages, and improving creativity, take this habit to the next level.

To #LiveTheHealthyLife reinforce your brain by challenging it a little more everyday.

5. Replace toxic habits.

How many toxic habits are there in your everyday life, that destroy your health without you even noticing?

It is time to leave them. No more tobacco, alcohol excess, or unhealthy eating.

We know you know, but we don't get tired of repeating it, tobacco ruins lives.

Heart attacks, bronchitis, lung cancer, among other fatal consequences for our body.

How many smokers can't quit cigarettes just because they can't control anxiety? Habit #4 might help.

Harm from alcohol doesn't fall far behind. We tend to believe it is not as serious, but for us digestive problems, heart issues, complications of diabetes, bone damage, neurologic complications, and a weak immune system, are equal or worse that the damages caused by tobacco.

Food is the source of energy that fuels your body. Don't expect it to respond when you give it the cheapest one.

#LiveTheHealthyLife starting now, identifying which are your toxic habits and replacing them with healthy ones.

6. Have more social activities!

Because loneliness doesn't take you anywhere!

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Laughs with your friends, your mother's hugs, beers with coworkers, are fundamental for a healthy life.

Social withdrawal will bring gradual and irreversible decline in physical and mental abilities, It could even take you to the point of physical handicap or dementia.

The social aspect is crucial for the human being; that's why we recommend you to find spaces to talk to your friends, to go out for a run with your relatives, to read at the park, and to do other activities in which your body enjoys the outdoors.

How to transform your life? Start slowly, step by step.

Begin by implementing these tips. Start with the one you find easier to insert in your
daily routine, and you will see how the other ones come on their own

There are no excuses for walking 30 minutos, sleeping an extra hour, or reading a page before going to sleep. Start now! #LiveTheHealthyLife and you will see how your life will gradually become more special.

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