Healthy Flavor

NAOX is the option to fulfill in your restaurant the growing need of customers for healthy options.

For your restaurants

What are you waiting for to bring NAOX to your restaurant?

For its natural origin and the fact it is sugar free, it is the ideal drink to satisfy the growing healthy trend.

In both its flavors, use it as the drink to go with your main meals.

Contact us to learn about our special portfolio, exclusive for the HORECA line.

"NAOX is completely aligned with the organic and natural approach my clients are looking for."

Andrés Gonzalez, Chef and Entrepreneur.

Naox Store

Naox Sache (Ready to prepare)

Naox RTD

12 Units of 358 ml

Naox Vital

Box with 25 Units of 10gr.

Naox Vital Briefcase

Box with 25 or 100 units of 10gr.

Naox Doypack

Each Doypack contains 240gr

Naox Beauty

Box with 3 units of 90gr

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