Time for recess

With NAOX you get the energy needed for a day of entertainment and knowledge, with the nutritional intake equivalent to three pieces of fruit per glass.

Made for students

The sugary drinks, full of artificial colors, are a thing of the past. With NAOX, children and teens can enjoy their daily challenges with a natural drink.

NAOX is a functional, natural, nutritious drink, ideal for boosting the everyday life of children at school.

Natural, sugar free, and full of antioxidants, it helps improve the concentration and development of kids all ages.

Ask us about the available presentations for school cafeterias.

"Our students' nutrition is a vital axis in our educational initiative."

Pedro Hernandez, School Principal.

Naox Store

Naox Sache (Ready to prepare)

Naox RTD

12 Units of 358 ml

Naox Vital

Box with 25 Units of 10gr.

Naox Vital Briefcase

Box with 25 or 100 units of 10gr.

Naox Doypack

Each Doypack contains 240gr

Naox Beauty

Box with 3 units of 90gr

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