Overcome your limits

Regardless the challenges, your body needs to be prepared with a healthy drink that helps you overcome them while enjoying the process.

Made for Sportspeople

When we sweat we lose vitamins and minerals, fundamental for regenerating the energy burnt by the muscles. NAOX is a drink that provides perfect hydration, enriched with the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Its high levels of antioxidants allow the body to have a better performance while practicing physical activity.

Fructose provides fast absorbing, long lasting energy, vital for high performance athletes.

It accelerates the recovery processes of muscle tissues, preventing muscular injuries and chronic fatigue.

"Due to its origin, a 100% natural, it is vital for my body's active recovery"

Mariana Pelaez, Marathon Runner.

Naox Store

Naox Sache (Ready to prepare)

Naox RTD

12 Units of 358 ml

Naox Vital

Box with 25 Units of 10gr.

Naox Vital Briefcase

Box with 25 or 100 units of 10gr.

Naox Doypack

Each Doypack contains 240gr

Naox Beauty

Box with 3 units of 90gr

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